Madhunashini vati for Diabetes

Madhunashini vati is an ultimate solution to diabetes in ayurveda which was long awaited and appreciated by clients. While researching on the development of this product, divya pharmacy did take care to ensure that it would be a combination of all those potent ayurvedic herbs which can work effectively in healing diabetes. This product is available in tablet form shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tablet twice daily after food in general cases. The chief ingredients present in this preparation are Withania somnifera, Asphaltum and Terminalia cordifolia. All these ingredients work easily in harmony with the body system focusing its action more on the pancreatic cells responsible for insulin production. This product gives result in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In both these cases treatment modality will be different as to ensure the best outcome of this product. When a patient is on this medication, he/she must take care in following all guidelines suggested by the consultant ayurvedic physician as to achieve the best result.

Madhunashini vati does not cause any side effects as it safe to use ayurvedic medicine. But proper dosage for the right duration should be maintained for relief in Diabetes. Divya Madhunashini vati is the best brand available among various manufacturers in India. Once can buy it online from our shop. Right lifestyle should be also maintained for the best results, few tips for Diabetic patients:-

  1. Have your food in small potions many times a day instead of eating a full meal at once. This will boost your metabolism and sugar / fat / calorie burning will be faster.
  2. Always do morning walks on green grass bare feet, preferably early in the morning. Walk at least 2 - 3 km daily.
  3. Consumption of Amla - Aloevera juice mixed together will be also beneficial. Amla is a good supplement for Eye Disorders or to prevent Diabetes ill effect on eyes.
  4. Karela / Jamun juice is also good for diabetic patients.
  5. Drink at least 7 - 8 liters of water daily to flush out toxins. This will keep your liver and kidneys healthy.
  6. Do not eat after 8 PM in any case so that your body has enough time to digest food before sleeping.

Key ingredients of Madhunashini vati

  • Holarrhenna antidysenterica
  • Azadirachta indica 
  • Swertia chirata 
  • Giloy / Tinospora cordifolia
  • Gymmema sylvestre 
  • Ashwagandha / Withania somnifera
  • Trigonella foenum graecum
  • Tribulus terrestris 
  • Salacia chinensis
  • Aegle marmelos
  • Terminalia belerica
  • Adhatoda vasica
  • Emblica officinalis / Amla
  • Ficus bengalensis
  • Curcuma zedoaria 
  • Curcuma longa 
  • Centratherum anthelminticum
  • Acacia arabica 
  • Picrorhiza kurroa
  • Asphaltum / Shilajit
  • Strychnos nux-vomica
  • Syzygium cuminii 

Benefits of Divya Madhunahini Vati

  • It controls diabetes and very help in its management.
  • It prevents Diabetes side effects on body.
  • It controls all types of diabetes.
  • It is also useful for people who are taking insulin. They can slowly reduce the dosage of insulin after long administration of Madhunashini vati. Advice from the doctors is always necessary.
  • It is good for maintaining healthy metabolism for diabetes patients.
  • It is purely natural and Ayurvedic.
  • It has no side effects and can be consumed for longer duration.


This product is a one stop solution to diabetes. Divya Madhunashini Vati helps combat this chronic disorder and keeps it under control. Patients with high blood sugar levels will find it extremely useful as it also helps reduce the associated symptoms of Diabetes. Divya Madhunashini Vati keeps your blood sugar in check by reinvigorating your pancreas and promoting the secretion of insulin, thus leading to the active conversion of glucose into glycogen. Common complaints, such as frequent urination, hunger pangs and constant thirst are also reduced by taking these tablets in the prescribed quantity. With a 100% herbal composition, Divya Madhunashini Vati combines the wholesome goodness of Amrita, Jambu, Karavellaka and Triphala.It is also known to boost immunity and reduce weakness, fatigue and exhaustion that result from chronic Diabetes.